Public Address Speaker

Uncomplicated and easy-to-use fittings cut installation time to half that of conventional models.

Simple and easy installation, thanks to TOA’s new proprietary SUS spring-based
installation method.
All speakers employ the same simple and easy installation method, unaffected by their
diameter size.
Greater variety of ceiling flush-mount speaker diameters and functions, for application
flexibility that suits every situation.
Finely crafted design with thin panel that does not detract from venue architecture or
interior decor.

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A completely novel design that is a true combination of form and function.

TOA engineers have worked long and hard to create round speakers with an optimal
balance of design and performance.
Pendant and projection speakers are inspired by the finest lighting fixtures, for a perfect
harmony with architecture and decor.
Repaintable speakers allow you to customize the color any way you like.
High sound pressure level of up to 30W input ensures excellent sound reproduction in
high-ceiling and wall-mount applications.


Speakers with fast installation, standout performance and a design that fits in beautifully.

TOA public address speakers come in a wide line-up that gives you just the
speaker you need, whether your choice is based on design, cost or installation
requirements. TOA has developed new speaker component parts that are
standardized to ensure quality sound reproduction from all speaker models, in
every application.
Comprehensive TOA efforts in creating speaker designs that harmonize with
the venue’s architecture and décor have led to speakers that emphasize
unobtrusive mounting. In addition, TOA’s unceasing pursuit of fitting design
and engineering breakthroughs has resulted in the elimination of a
considerable amount of wasted time during installation.