Milestone is the world's leading provider of open platform IP video surveillance software. XProtect is designed with open architecture that allows for integration with the widest choice of network video and computer hardware. The XProtect products interface with more than 1,000 IP cameras, encoders and digital video recorders (DVRs) from almost 100 different manufacturers. Committed to providing a true IP video open platform and freedom of choice,Milestone is proud to be among the first VMS vendors to support and lead the future progress of ONVIF and PSIA standards.


Reliable high-performance surveillance software

  • High performance recording server: Building on a native 64-bit windows implementation and an highly optimized database technology with RAM-based pre-buffering, the recording server supports minimum 3.1 Gbit/s recording rate
  • Hot standby Recording Servers: Maintain video viewing and recording capabilities with minimal interruption and video loss in the event of network problems, server failure, loss of power or any other system problem
  • Edge Storage: Uses camera-based storage as a complement to the central storage in the recording servers, with flexible video and audio retrieval based on time schedules, events or manual requests, including the ability to combine centrally and remotely stored video using Scalable Video Quality Recording™ (SVQR).
  • Hardware accelerated video decoding: Shifting video decoding from the CPU to the GPU results in increased system performance monitoring more high resolution streams with lower CPU load by utilizing NVIDIA© and Intel© graphics cards