With the use of the latest technology and a constant focus on quality, CAME Parkare redefines mobility to create a higher standard of living in today’s world.  Today we design, build, maintain and sell technological solutions for: access control, to delineate the urban areas, the residential areas or/and nonresidential ones; and high security, for the protection of sensitive areas where the security of buildings and people is critical.

Based on a constant search for excellence and innovation, CAME Parkare has developed systems with extraordinary resilience to shocks and thus meet the highest expectations in terms of impact strength: IWA 14-1, ASTM, PAS and DOS international standards.



Generation 6 range of retractable bollards are the result of experience gained over many years.

The three parts of their structure, moulded in ductile cast iron, are extremely robust. Their strength lies in the use of the MONOBLOC® system. Combining robustness and beauty, they blend perfectly into urban development projects while providing effective protection against ram-raid attacks.

Generation 6 retractable bollards are fully compliant with the UK PAS 68 standard, French standard NFP and have been approved by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

Generation 6 retractable bollards have been subjected to rolling tests in accordance with the provisions of the EN ISO 124 standard and are E600-approved. They can therefore be installed in areas that require high axis loads such as factory yards, dry docks or port areas.