Automated License Plate Recognition System

Fixed ALPR Systems

A Fully Integrated Solution
Fixed ALPR Systems provide an array of cameras designed to fit the needs of many applications. Each system is highly configurable for multi lane coverage.

Features and Benefits
  • Continuous surveillance of high-traffic areas.
  • Monitoring areas of high criminal activity at a safe distance.
  • Enables rapid, efficient, and appropriate deployment of resources.
  • Fully integrated cameras are rugged and compact, incorporating the fixed ALPR camera, illuminator and processor within a single sealed enclosure.
  • Identification and real-time enforcement of frequent toll violators.

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  • High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes
  • Congestion charging
  • Traffic data collection for analysis of road usage
  • Parking management
  • Speed enforcement
  • Access control
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Travel time management
  • Continuous surveillance of high speed or high-crime areas