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Arthrocare Coblator Ii Service Manual

the coblator ii is a powered wand that is designed to efficiently destroy soft and hard tissue without causing burning or tissue damage, and without requiring any incisions, sutures or clips. the wand uses patented coblation technology, which is capable of monitoring and adjusting the application of radiofrequency (rf) energy on a real-time basis in order to effectively destroy tissue at the molecular level without any thermal effect on surrounding tissue. coblator ii is the newest generation of coblator, which is the best established arthroscopic surgical technology available for ent and trauma. the latest coblator ii technology is light in weight and compact in size, and is well suited for use in nearly all ent surgical situations. the most important feature of coblator ii is its unique ability to precisely target and destroy tissue at the molecular level.

Arthrocare Coblator Ii Service Manual

please note that the scl and sda pins do not exist on arduino hardware versions prior to the uno r3, so you will have to manually connect scl to analog pin 5 and sda to analog pin 4 on the zumo shield in order to use the compass with an older arduino. the most convenient place to do this is in the front expansion area, where these pins are all located together, as indicated by the light blue boxes in the picture above.

the versatile ent coblation plasma technology cart provides the convenience and organization that the operating room requires. the mobile cart allows all the coblator ii system components to be stored easily, including the coblator controller, foot pedal, iv pole, and flow control valve allowing for efficient procedure setup.


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