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License Key Smart Array B110I Sata Raid

I have an issue with a ProLiant ML330 G6 that is not rebuilding the raid array after inserting a new disk. I get the following error:776 (Ready for Recovery) Logical Drive 1 (931.5 GB, RAID 1) is queued for rebuilding.

License Key Smart Array B110I Sata Raid


NOTE: It is possible to run AHCI mode from the BIOS, which works with no closed source driver. The disks will show up as individual disks and you can use software raid via Red Hat Enterprise Linux to create the RAID array if needed. This should serve as a workaround on any B320i, B140i, B120i, B110i, or other Bxxxi system. However, Red Hat has only tested this on a small number of systems, so for further details on this option, HPE can be contacted.


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