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Download Phool Aur Kaante Full Movie in HD Quality for Free - Legal and Illegal Methods

when devgn breaks into the bank, he and his gang are seen standing on two moving motorcycles. and it is quite noticeable as one of them falls. that is a unique scene of three-wheeled moving bike and on the top of that, the bikes zig-zag with a forced car motion. the scene is difficult but for ajay devgn who is sitting on top of one of the bikes, balancing on two them. it is this scene along with its sequel in the pre-credits that devgn gets his first big hit in the film. the stunt is well directed and made into action and it is the finest sequence in the film.

Phool Aur Kaante full hd movie free download

phool aur kaante is the first indian movie to win the academy award for best foreign film. the plot follows a band of robbers who try to do the robbery of a bank with all the ill-effects that come in the way. but somewhere in the midst of all this happens things that makes the film stand out. and it is not just the heavy-duty violence that would make one think of the old indian cult classics. ajay devgn's deft introduction makes the viewer feel he is in good hands. the technical side of the film is perfect. except that there are not enough locations to be seen outside mumbai. and this being a film that is supposed to make you think, no matter where you are seeing it.

phool aur kaante is a good movie in the "rise in reputation" category of hindi cinema. it is without a doubt one of the finest movies of the nineties. but like all other indian films of the time, it fails to connect with the audience when watched in its original form. the reason for this is simple. it is a kids film that talks about matters that resonate with the audience and not necessarily with children. the kids love it.


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