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If you got the message "rendering failed (...)", it means that the appropriate DirectShow filters are not installed. Make also sure the file is playing correctly by pressing the "2" under the "1". Because if it is not playing, DirectShowSource can't load the clip. In general, you can have the following problem with this approach: other DirectShow filters are used to play the media file than the ones you installed or you want to use. This can happen because the used filters have a higher merit (playing priority) than the ones you want to use. There are two solutions for this problem:

fail ac3filter ax skachat

Fixed: Under certain (rare) circumstances determining the internal stream time could fail, resulting in jerky playback or a long delay after channel switching, due to wrong time stamps.

- Fix: PCM audio playback with the DVBViewer Filter failed in certain cases. Only relevant for add-ons (TSPlayer) or future DVBViewer versions that (will) use the DVBViewer Filter for PCM output.

Speaking of TD6, since it doesn't rely on DirectShow, it doesn't rely on Windows Media Source Filter neither, but merely on its dependencies (they're pulled in by WMAUDSDK.DLL at load-time) Which brings me to another point; your installer fails to make TD6 work because you're installing DLLs in a separate directory and in this case, standard DLL search order rules apply. It could be solved by adding path to the new folder with DLLs to PATH environment variable (setx command with /M parameter).

I suggested this because newest versions of any utility/runtime libraries are usually the best, unless proven they're flawed. And hey, we used those on XP! There is, however, a compatibility issue with Windows 10 version 1809 (Build 17763) and later. Microsoft removed support for querying TCP driver using DeviceIoControl function with control code IOCTL_TCP_QUERY_INFORMATION_EX. strmdll.dll does such a query and it's supposed to handle the failure gracefully, but it doesn't due to a bug, so it crashes the application. I fixed the bug and included the patched DLL in attached ZIP along with the other 2 DLLs that make up Windows Media Source Filter. 041b061a72


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