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How to Unlock Siemens Step7 Blocks with S7canopener V1 3

How to Unlock Siemens Step7 Blocks with S7canopener V1 3

If you are working with Siemens Step7 PLCs, you may encounter some blocks that are protected with the "know_how_protect" keyword. This means that you cannot view or modify the source code of these blocks, unless you have the original source files or the password from the developer. This can be a problem if you need to troubleshoot, maintain, or upgrade your PLC programs.

S7canopener V1 3


Fortunately, there is a tool that can help you unlock these blocks and access their contents. It is called S7canopener V1 3, and it is a software program developed by Runmode, an automation software house. S7canopener V1 3 can remove or set the "know_how_protect" keyword on S7-300 and S7-400 blocks, both in programs (*.s7p) and libraries (*.s7l). It can also unlock user data types (UDTs), which are custom data structures used in Step7.

S7canopener V1 3 does not require installation, you just need to copy all the files to a folder of your choice. It works on projects stored on your hard disk, not on the PLC memory. It does not remove the password set in the CPU at hardware configuration level, nor does it decrypt the new "Block Privacy" protection introduced in Step7 v5.5.

To use S7canopener V1 3, you need to register it with a unique serial code that you can purchase from Runmode. The demo version of the program will only show you the blocks and their protection status, but will not modify them. Once registered, you can select any block in your project and toggle its protection status with a single click. You can also select multiple blocks and apply the same action to all of them.

After unlocking a block, you will be able to view its source code in STL (statement list) format. If the original block contained comments or variable names, they will be preserved. However, if the block was written in a higher-level language such as SCL (structured control language) or CFC (continuous function chart), you will not be able to reverse-engineer it to obtain the original source file. You will only see the compiled version of the block in STL.

S7canopener V1 3 is a useful tool for Siemens Step7 programmers who need to access protected blocks for various reasons. However, it should be used responsibly and ethically, respecting the intellectual property rights of the original developers. It should not be used for reverse engineering of copyrighted software or for any other purpose where functional or warranty issues are involved. The author of S7canopener V1 3 is not liable for any use of the software and takes no responsibilities for damages of any kind.

If you are interested in S7canopener V1 3, you can download it from Runmode's website, where you can also find more information and contact details. You can also download the manual from here. The current version of S7canopener V1 3 is v2.0, and if you are a registered user and own an older release, you can contact Runmode for a free update. e0e6b7cb5c


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