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Ragnarok Item Duplicator.58

UPDATED: The following uses an optimized combined strategy. It optimizes primitive lookups to benefit from hash O(1) lookup time (running unique on an array of primitives is O(n)). Object lookups are optimized by tagging objects with a unique id while iterating through so so identifying duplicate objects is also O(1) per item and O(n) for the whole list. The only exception is items that are frozen, but those are rare and a fallback is provided using an array and indexOf.

ragnarok item duplicator.58

// ?? ? ? ? var arr = [1,2,2,3,3,4,5,6,2,3,7,8,5,22], arr2 = [1,2,511,12,50], arr3 = [22,0], merged, nonUnique;// Combine all the arrays to a single onemerged = arr.concat(arr2, arr3)// create a new (dirty) Array with only the non-unique itemsnonUnique = merged.filter((item,i) => merged.includes(item, i+1))// Cleanup - remove duplicate & empty items items nonUnique = [ Set(nonUnique)]console.log(nonUnique)

Array.prototype.unique = function () var arr = this.sort(), i=arr.length; // input must be sorted for this to work while(i--) arr[i] === arr[i-1] && arr.splice(i,1) // remove duplicate item return arrArray.prototype.nonunique = function () var arr = this.sort(), i=arr.length, res = []; // input must be sorted for this to work while(i--) arr[i] === arr[i-1] && (res.indexOf(arr[i]) == -1) && res.push(arr[i]) return res// ?? ? ? ? var arr = [1,2,2,3,3,4,5,6,2,3,7,8,5,22], arr2 = [1,2,511,12,50], arr3 = [22,0], // merge all arrays & call custom Array Prototype - "unique" unique = arr.concat(arr2, arr3).unique(), nonunique = arr.concat(arr2, arr3).nonunique()console.log(unique) // [1,12,2,22,3,4,5,50,511,6,7,8]console.log(nonunique) // [1,12,2,22,3,4,5,50,511,6,7,8]

const arr = ['hi', 'hi', 'hi', 'bye', 'bye', 'asd']const dup = arr.reduce( (acc, curr) => acc.items[curr] = acc.items[curr] ? acc.items[curr] += 1 : 1 if (acc.items[curr] === 2) acc.dup.push(curr) return acc , items: , dup: [] ,)console.log(dup)// ['hi', 'bye']

YojimboFans of the Kurosawa movie of the same name will get a kick out of the fact that there's an aeon named Yojimbo hidden in this game. But he comes at a price -- so save up at least 200,000 Gil before you go hunting for Yojimbo. To find Yojimbo, get your butt to the Calm Lands, go to the northeastern exit and pass underneath the bridge to go the area at the end of the gorge (this is where you fought Defender X -- in case you've forgotten). Here, you will find a save point and the entrance to the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. Inside, walk deep into the cavern until you bump into the ghost of a dead summoner -- who will call upon the aeon known as Yojimbo. Defeat him using your aeons (in overdrive) and your most powerful magic attacks. Before you leave the cavern, use the warp pads to the left and right to get your hands on some helpful items, such as the Flexible Arm and X-Potions. When you're done, go to the Chamber of the Fayth.

AnimaYou've seen this chained bad boy before -- now it's time to claim the powerful aeon as your own. First, make sure that you have solved all the destruction sphere puzzles in each of the previous five Cloisters of Trials. If you're unsure whether you left some of them unsolved, go back and do them now. Note that the monks won't let you into the temples unless you have spoken to Maester Mika on High Road. If you've solved all the puzzles, enter the coordinates for Baaj temple (X:14 Y:60 -- move around a bit and press X to find the location) in the airship and make your way to the underwater temple entrance. Geosgaeno awaits. This is a tough fight, so be sure to equip anti-stone/death armor if you have it -- or stock up on Soft items if you don't. Use elemental magic and overdrives to win the battle (Geosgaeno is immune to almost everything else), then enter the temple. You will find six statues that correspond to the six Cloisters of Trials in Spira. Five of them will now activate, but you still need the last one. To get it, go to Zanarkand Dome and look for the white floor panels. Step on all seven of them (there are three in the first room and four in the large hall) to open up a Destruction Sphere in the first room. Grab it and put it into the hole in the large room right next to the monitor to make it blow up. You will get the Magistral Rod as a reward. It's time to go back to Baaj Temple.

Each character in FFX can get his or her hands on an all-powerful weapon that makes defeating fiends a snap. However, just owning the weapon isn't the whole story. You also need to find two items that unlock each weapon's true powers and removes its "No AP" ability. Below, you will find a listing of all these legendary weapons, complete with locations and required items. Once you have found both items for a weapon, go to Macalania Woods and use the Celestial Mirror to upgrade the weapon to its full power.

Sun Sigil: Getting the Sun Sigil is a pain in the butt and may take some time, so take the afternoon off. To get this item, you have to win the Catcher Chocobo challenge with a total time of 0,0,0 (the balloons, it's all about the balloons!). It's possible, as this screenshot shows.

Getting Rikku's Godhand is easy -- but the two items you need to unlock its powers are a bit tougher to acquire. But first things, first. To get the Godhand, simply input the following password once you have control over the airship: GODHAND. This will let you go to a secret spot close to Mushroom rock. From here, go north and use the Celestial Mirror on the rock wall to get it. Once you unlock its true powers, the Godhand weapon will cause higher amounts of damage when Rikku's HP is full.

Mercury Sigil: The second item is also hidden in Sanubia Desert, but it takes a bit longer to find. Look for the rock with the Cactuar picture on it. Examine it to get info about 10 Cactuars that hide throughout the desert. Find each Cactuar and you will be able to play a game of Red Light Green Light against them. If you reach the Cactuar before the timer runs out you will be able to battle it. The prize for battling is a Cactuar sphere. If you happen to lose three times, you will get a Sphere del Perdedor. Whenever you get a new sphere, go back to the Cactuar rock and place the sphere into the stone. Perdedor spheres will work fine as well, but the more Cactuar spheres you get, the better the treasures you will get in the secret area that follows (get eight or nine Cactuar spheres and you will find a Friend Sphere, for example). After you have placed nine spheres in the rock, you will be able to get into Cactuar Village (which was previously obscured by a sandstorm). Inside, you will find the Mercury Sigil.

The first section defines the map, coordinates, and direction. The word "shop" replaces "script" (alternately, "cashshop" will use Cashpoints instead of Zeny). The name and sprite ID follow, then a comma.Items in the shop are defined in an ID:Price format. A price of -1 uses the default price in item_db.txt. Be sure the price is not too low, or a you will open a Zeny exploit in your server!


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