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Satechi Launches Type-C Aluminum Stand And Hub For Mac Mini

Satechi today announced the launch of its latest Apple accessory, a USB-C Stand & Hub for the Mac mini with SSD Enclosure, which is designed to combine the functionality of a stand with the additional ports in a hub.

Satechi Launches Type-C Aluminum Stand and Hub for Mac Mini

Satechi, known for producing accessories that make everyday life more convenient, launches the new Type-C Aluminum Stand & Hub for Mac Mini into its arsenal of thoughtfully designed products that allow users to be more efficient. The first of its kind stand and hub elevates and transforms the Mac Mini into a powerful and surprisingly compact workstation that lets users get the most of valuable desk space.

One USB-C cable in the back of the stand/hub attaches to the Mac mini to offer six (seven if you count each card reader separately) front-facing ports for easy access that professional users will find valuable along with a sharp design. Ports include:

While the newest Mac mini (introduced in 2018) is still small and fairly affordable, the $499 starting price is long gone. Instead, it now costs a minimum of $799 to get a Mac. Sigh. Sadly, even with a higher price, one of the most glaring issues to plague the Mac mini in 2005 is still an issue 14 years later -- there are no front ports! Apple chose to hide all the connectors on the rear -- the company often chooses form over function. Thankfully, the new 2-in-1 Mac mini stand and hub from Satechi solves this problem while retaining the elegant design. 350c69d7ab


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