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Sims 4 Skin Overlay Male

hope you enjoyed this article! these are the best of the best female sims 4 skin overlays made by our community! most of them are still available in the sims resource, so be sure to support those creators by downloading the mods or getting the cc. you cant miss out on this list.

sims 4 skin overlay male

if you ever want to stay best friends with your sim, then this mod is going to be perfect for you! now get your sim and use this! its from a no name community modder pobby123 and gives you an option for a toy-like appearance. the skin comes in three varying swatches and comes for all ages including teen-elder. its free to download and use.

i can say one thing for sure about these mods, the things they have on offer are better than the default skins to be honest! none of the default sims is complete without a beautiful face, and these are no exception. the skin is called fantasy-realistic and is ready to use in your sims 4 game. this mod can be used for male and females.

it can be said that one of the most beautiful skins are those with hair. this skin is created by the mods called dress-up-box. this particular one is designed and created by loganchic and can be used for male and female sims. it comes in four different swatches and can be used for ages teen-elder.

what better skin option for a young sim, especially male, than a face mod? as they say it looks like pain! but this isn't the best face mod. it comes from the community modder known as lewyn_monkey and has an original model that is old and seems very common. the face looks like an older version from sims 4. the skin can be used for ages teen-elder.


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