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Trinity Lane

Trinity Lane is a street in the centre of Cambridge, England that passes through portions of the University of Cambridge, one of the world's most prestigious universities.[1][2] The lane leads off Trinity Street.

trinity lane

At the entrance to the lane from Trinity Street as it leads west, Trinity College is located on the north side of the lane, including Nevile's Gate,[3] and Gonville and Caius College is on the south side. The lane then turns south around the back of Gonville and Caius. Here, Trinity Hall is to the west.[4] At the end of the lane is Clare College[5] to the west and King's College with its huge Chapel blocking the way to the south. Here the Old Schools[6] are also to be found to the east and beyond that the University of Cambridge Senate House where degree ceremonies are held, on King's Parade. The Old Schools now house the Cambridge University Offices, which form the main administration for the University.[7]

"Trinity Lane, we feel, deserves another look," said Mac McDonald, vice chairman of that community group, citing a five-lane road and other infrastructure as amenities that can support growth. "We need more density because of our proximity to downtown."

There will be a necessary curing time for the new concrete to harden before the lanes are opened to traffic. During this time, there is a possibility that no workers will be present, but the lanes will still be closed. As soon as the concrete reaches the appropriate strength, the lanes will be opened to traffic.

TDOT estimates the bridge work may require significant lane closures for as many as 12 more weekends. Work requiring high-impact lane closures will not take place during major area events, such as the CMA Music Festival, Tomato Art Festival, and Tennessee Titans home games. Advance warning will be issued when the lane closures are confirmed. 041b061a72


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